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How to use it


If you are a fan of Riot platform games, you must have heard about Valornet game, one of the most famous and most exciting games.
With Valorant - Mena gift cards, you can enjoy an indescribable experience.
You don't need a credit card, just order your card and charge your account on Valornet game with points to be able to buy all the additions you need within the game of characters, costumes and weapons that make the game more fun.
We provide you with Valornet cards in different packages and prices to suit the needs of all players.
Order your card now, charge your Valornet account, and enjoy an unforgettable gaming experience.

How to use ? :

How to redeem Valorant Cards:

1- Enter the game
2- Click on the Valorant icon on the right of the "Store" tab.
3- Choose prepaid cards and codes.
4- Enter the code of the card you got.
5- Click Submit.

Terms and Conditions:

This product is valid for use in all countries of the Middle East

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